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Travis Scott x Nike: The Hyped Sneaker Timeline

Max Rosengren

We take a look at the story behind Travis Scotts’ huge success with Nike and the history of the ongoing Travis Scott x Nike collaboration.

Nike are undoubtedly at the forefront of sneaker collaborations. In fact, they have been for a long time. The past ten years have seen collaborative pieces become more and more sought after. And with releases becoming continuously harder to get, Nike are pumping out more collabs than ever. Nike teaming up with big-name brands, designers, artists and athletes is a customary at this point. With the popularization of influencer lifestyles, shoes designed by artists have become much more than just shoes.

Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 1 stand high on any sneaker-collectors list. Virgil Abloh’s “The Ten” collection is one of Nikes’ most popular collaborative collections, ever.  As well as joining forces with Virgil Abloh with “The Ten”, Nike also linked-up with Houston rapper Travis Scott. A link-up that would grow to include some of the most hyped releases in the modern day sneaker era. And with 13 shoes in to the Travis Scott x Nike saga, it seems like there’s still more to come. You can also shop a wide range of Travis Scott x Nike sneakers by following the links below.


Above: The Travis Scott x Nike Jordan Trunner LX from 2017.



It all started quite modestly in 2017. Scott unveiled a Cactus Jack interpretation of the Jordan Trunner LX on his Instagram, and announced that there were many more Jordan collaborations to come. Sadly, the TS x Jordan Trunner LX’s were never released to the public. Instead Scott wore them exclusively while supporting Kendrick Lamar on the DAMN. tour.

“I didn’t want to do anything traditional. I’ve never seen the Trunner with so many colours on it. I wanted something different, to see that model differently.” Travis Scott

Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 Low 'AF100'

Above: The Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘AF100’ from 2017.



Later that year, the first release to the public came. During the 2017 AF100 campaign, celebrating 35 years of the AF1, Nike teamed up with some of the world’s most influential artists and designers. Virgil Abloh, ACRONYM’s Errolson Hugh and Don-C joined Scott for the AF1 35th anniversary capsule. Trav’s addition to the collection featured a white canvas upper with reflective details, an interchangeable velcro swoosh and a gum sole. The deubré was made to look like a set of grillz while also sporting the Cactus Jack logos. The Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 Low “AF100” retailed at reasonable $150, however the current resale price range between $1000 and $1500.

“I wanted it to tell a story about me. I set the tone to go crazy at my shows. I’m the acid of rap.” Travis Scott


Above: The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 ‘Cactus Jack’ trainer from 2018.



The Travis Scott x Nike collaborative partnership officially started with the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 “Cactus Jack” trainer. The 4’s released on June 22, 2018. With the release of his Astroworld album, the massive marketing campaign around it, and the birth of Scott and Kylie Jenner’s baby, this was Trav’s biggest year to date. And the release of his original Jordan 4 only added to the hype. The shoes colourway was directly inspired by former NFL team the Houston Oilers. The shoe was dressed in a light blue suede upper, a white midsole and a black outsole. And with the red and black details along with the Cactus Jack logo, the Jordan 4 gained popularity quickly. Along with Scott’s social-media marketing strategies, the shoes sold out instantly upon release.

“My first pair of sneakers was the Jordan 4s. I got those and Forces.” Travis Scott

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 Purple Friends & Family

Above: The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 ‘Purple Friends & Family’ trainer from 2019.



Jordan quickly gave Travis the green light to be their new poster-boy. “La Flame” was given more creative freedom, access to samples and his own unreleased prototypes. Closely after the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 release, Scott and the people around him wore a “Friends & Family” edition. Later, Travis was seen wearing a purple pair, while Kylie Jenner was seen sporting with an olive green pair. These seem to have influenced the Jordan 6’s that would later release in 2019. Sadly, tour DJ Chase B confirmed these models are uniquely for friends and family. The few times they appeared for sale, prices reached up to a mind-blowing $17500.


Above: The Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 Sail trainer from 2019.



Two months after the Cactus Jack Jordan 4 release, Travis and Nike dropped a Sail coloured version of the previous AF100 design. The only difference between the two AF1 models was the colour, as all details remained the same. Nevertheless the slight change in colour guaranteed yet another, instant, sell-out.

Travis Scott Nike Air Jordan 1 Grammies

Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan 1 ‘Grammys’ trainer from 2019.



During the 2019 Grammy’s, Travis wore a pair of Air Jordan 1 Lows that were never released to the public. However the exclusive Grammy pair shared distinct similarities to the AJ1 Lows that would drop later that year. Chances are the Grammy pair were simply an early prototype.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 33 NRG

Above: The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 33 NRG trainer from 2019.



From a design perspective, Scott’s Nike collaborations could be seen as lazy and somewhat effortless at this point. Many would say taking already popular models, adding new colours and a “Cactus Jack” logo isn’t all that ambitious. However from a sneakerheads perspective, Travis was paying homage to some of the greatest models ever released. He was simply making iconic shoes even more iconic. And coming from a sneakerhead past, Travis was fully aware of what he was doing. To our surprise, Scott’s 2019 Valentines-day release saw his own take on a lesser known Jordan model, the Air Jordan 33.

Although the release didn’t reach the same popularity level as previous models, the 33’s have some nice details. The army green shoe features the, now classic, “Cactus Jack” logo, straps and extra pull-tabs to give a military inspired look. The toggle strap reads out “Designed and engineered to the exact specifications of Travis” instead of Nike’s signature tag quote “Designed and engineered to the exact specifications of athletes.”

Travis Scott Nike Air Jordan 1 Cactus Jack

Above: The Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan 1 High from 2019.



The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 stand as one of the most popular from this collaborative relationship. Just like the previous models, the 1’s gathered huge attention on social media. However the release was way more unexpected. During Scott’s Grammy performance, a surprise SNKRS drop took place. The shoe sold out instantly, and with that the hype grew even more. A few months later, another release took place, this time in a wider amount. Several quick-fire releases of this shoe later took place. The Travis 1’s showed the creative freedom Nike had offered “La Flame”. The mocha, white high top featured a reverse swoosh in black. The shoe also featured a secret stash pocket, as for the placement of it, those who know, they know…The flipped swoosh was a completely new concept for the AJ1 model, and with resell prices reaching over $1000 it was clear that it was a hit.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low

Above: The Travis Scott Nike Air Jordan 1 Low trainer from 2019.



Eventually, the low Travis Scott x Jordan 1 collaboration dropped as well. The lows came in a similar colourway to the previously released highs. Switching the white undertones to black, and adding a white backward swoosh turned out to be all that was needed to create new hype for a collaborative Jordan 1 model. Much like the Travis 1 high’s, the lows dropped out of nowhere on the SNKRS app. And as expected, the sellout and increase in resell value was instant.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 Cactus Jack

Above: The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 Cactus Jack trainer from 2019.



Travis Scott was progressively moving his way through the classic Jordan silhouettes. During his Super Bowl 53 half-time show, Scott premiered the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6. Much like the olive green AJ4 prototypes, the 6’s came in an olive green suede upper with black and red details. And just like the Travis AJ1 highs, the 6’s also featured a stash pocket. The shoe released in October 2019 in full family sizes. The Travis 6’s have also been seen in a yellow colourway, but official release dates are yet to be announced. In a recent Instagram post, Travis also showed off what looked like a light mocha colourway. However, the post was quickly deleted, so it’s hard to say if these will release to the public or not.

Travis Scott AF1 Cactus Jack

Above: The Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Cactus Jack’ trainer from 2019.



As you can tell, Trav’s designs became progressively more playful along the way. In November 2019 the third collaborative Air Force 1 hit the shelves. This time with a more explosive and personal touch. Dressed in canvas, suede, corduroy, leather and flannel patchwork, the shoes materials represent the workwear Travis was accustomed to wearing at his grandmother’s country house in Missouri City. The heel snaps also feature direct homages to the Texas city. A removable tongue with a brass zipper finish these countryside inspired AF1’s off.
Compared to the previous Air Forces, these were the least successful on the resell market. However, prices are still reaching upwards of $700.

Travis Scott SB Dunk Low Cactus Jack

Above: The Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Cactus Jack’ trainer from 2020.



With most Jordan silhouettes out the way, Scott linked up with Nike SB for a take on the classic Dunk Lows. This time we were teased the Low Dunks in the short film promoting the JACKBOYS album that released in 2019. The shoe also appeared on “La Flames” Instagram in a sequence of staged skating photos and videos. The posts see himself alongside skaters like Evan Mock, Alex Midler and Ishod Wair. The SB Dunks were decorated by an ‘earthy’ upper with Navy, paisley patterned accents which will reveal the underlying lighter coloured fabric as the shoe wears out. The pair also feature plaid prints, rope laces, text around the collar and a Cactus Jack logo to finish it all off. The Nike SB collaboration released exclusively on Scott’s online shop February 22nd at first. The earlier drops time was unannounced and featured an exclusive shoe-box dressed in bandanna and plaid patterns to go alongside the design of the shoe.

Another pre-announced release took place on February 29th. Skate shops that stocked the shoe were completely bombarded by skaters, hypebeasts and investors as release date came closer. Several of them even went offline days prior to the drop, all to get away from the hysteria. “PLEASE stop the calls, dm’s, emails, etc., we are not going to respond” – tweeted Laber, a NYC skate shop

Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React Cactus Trails

Above: The Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React ‘Cactus Trails’ trainer from 2020.



The latest model in this collaboration (at point of writing) are the unreleased Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React. The 270 Reacts will be Scott’s first Air Max shoe, and he’s taken quite a rare model to begin with. The 270 Reacts will feature a cream mesh upper with leather and suede overlays, a teal tongue, red eyelets and white laces. Instead of a standard midfoot swoosh, the pair will have a smaller swoosh placed on the cloth like material closer to the heel and on the toe-box. The shoe will rest on a worn-out yellow midsole. The TS x Nike 270 React’s are set to release for May 2020.

So there you have it, the full list of Travis Scott x Nike trainers from 2017. With some of the most successful releases under their belt, it doesn’t seem like they’re slowing down any time soon. But with most of the classic Nike models out the way, the question is which silhouette Trav will tackle next?


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