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Support Race & Gender Equality In The Workplace


The workplace has come a long way since the 20th century, however there is still a long long way to go…

It’s a no brainer really why every employer, brand or retailer should support race & gender equality in the workplace. If you still choose to live with your dinosaur views that women aren’t equal or certain minorities shouldn’t be allowed the same opportunities as others, then quite frankly you have no rightful place in the modern world. Some minorities still feel that they already have a certain life mapped out for them due to the area they grew up in, the colour of their skin or their religion. It’s 2019 people! Let’s move forward together and start giving everybody the same opportunities regardless of background, colour, race, ethnicity, sexual preferences or gender.

Why are some companies, businesses and establishments still only favouring the select few and neglecting the ones who for example grew up on an estate with a single parent family or the ones who simply have a different skin colour? It’s a sad thought but the reality is it’s still actively happening every day all over the world during the recruitment process. If you are prepared to go out and work as hard as you can and offer that company your very all, day in day out, why does it matter what your background, race, ethnicity or gender is? It simply doesn’t does it?!

That’s where we aim to come in and make it absolutely crystal clear that we will only support brands and retailers that are actively supporting race & gender equality in the workplace. It’s crazy when you actually think about it. Two people with the same capabilities, the same skills and the same ideas for the business. Yet one may get chosen because their background or upbringing may be deemed more desirable. We say treat every person the same. The streetwear industry has always been light years ahead when it comes to race and gender equality and lets hope this continues to lead by example for other industries.

We look forward to working with universities and colleges, the less privileged and people from all walks of life as they peruse their dream career in the ever growing streetwear industry. Keep posted as we to continue to raise awareness of race & gender equality in the workplace #together.

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