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How To Become A Streetwear Influencer


Streetwear influencers have become just as important to brands as traditional advertising but how do you really get your name out there?

Footballers, rappers and now a new breed of streetwear influencers are just some of the career paths of the new millennial generation. What use to be a doctor, a lawyer or even an astronaut has now evolved to becoming a generation of would-be instagram influencers. Watching the likes rolls in, free gifts flowing through your letter box and charging tens of thousands of pounds/dollars etc for one single post! Who wouldn’t want to become the next big streetwear influencer? Well the reality is a lot of people are now doing it and with the right approach, attitude and commitment you could too find yourself charging for posts, promoting new drops and reaching that what might seem the almost impossible milestone of 100k followers.

With the ease of paid followers and likes its easy for somebody to create an on the face of it popular profile, but to the highly trained social marketing eye it’s easy to spot the real ones from the fakes. We take a look at how you can become the next big streetwear influencer on instagram and create a profile your dream brands’ will soon want to collaborate with.

Streetwear Influencers

Post Good Content

This probably sounds obvious but posting blurry pictures of last nights takeaway isn’t exactly going to get you noticed. Some of the of the very top streetwear influencers meticulously plan out each post based on the popularity and engagement of previous posts. If it’s the latest streetwear and sneaker drops you are wanting to feature then you’re going to need access to samples or harder still the product itself. If money is not an issue then that’s cool but copping the latest Stone Island x Supreme jackets might set you back your hard earned savings and that’s if you have any! If you have managed to build a following then don’t be afraid to get in touch with PR agencies and brands to request what is known in the industry as ‘gifting’ in return for posts. Streetwear brands and retailers are always open to new content avenues of working with potential influencers so don’t be afraid to ask.

Streetwear Influencers Gully Guy Leo

Be consistent

Posting once or twice a week or even a month to begin with isn’t exactly going to catapult your influencer creditably to celebrity status. One thing successful influencers have in common is that are consistent when it comes to creating content. Even if you are working full time in a job or as a student make time to create unique content even if its on a Sunday afternoon. Posting the same stuff all the time will get boring and the engagement you will get from your followers will reflect this. Ideally you need to be posting at least once a day and also take advantage of Instagram’s latest features such as stories and IGTV.

Streetwear Influencers

Communicate With Your Followers

Ask questions to your followers, take that little extra time to respond to their queries and create your own unique “Instagram community” with what you are posting. At the end of the day it’s your followers and engagement that separates the micro influencers from the macro influencers so don’t be afraid to speak up and communicate even its just some emoji appreciation!

Streetwear Influencers Supreme

Don’t Buy Paid Followers

Yes you may look more popular with paid followers but will all know they just look spammy and more importantly…not real. Also why have an extra 10,000 paid followers if they aren’t even engaging with your content? Plus Instagram is now actively looking to ban or even delete accounts that clearly pay for likes, comments and followers. And last but not least, buying fake followers is generally a total scam, the followers may appear for a few days or even hours and then completely disappear so don’t always trust the reviews and feedback you see!

Streetwear Influencers Blondey Mccoy

Get A Job In The Streetwear & Sneaker Industry

This might not have been your first thought to becoming a streetwear influencer however even an entry level retail role will open up a whole new world of contacts and opportunities. You might land a job at a big retailer and then make connections with the influencer marketing team. You can mention you have an influencer account and could then potentially start promoting products for them. A lot of streetwear influencers out there do also work in the industry.

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