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Stone Island: The Camo Connection

Max Rosengren

Over the last 30 years Stone Island Camo has become an integral part of the Italian sportswear brands’ collections.

The latest Stone Island camo release is a collection that pays homage to the brands deeply rooted philosophy. Collections made with research and experimentation, made for use and function is what ‘Stoney’ stand for and the SS20 collection and all the ones prior are testaments to exactly that.

Stone Island is more than just picking a fabric, a colour and slamming the compass decorated patch on the left arm. Honestly there aren’t many brands that put as much time and effort into their pieces as Stone Island do but looking at the brands history it doesn’t really surprise us all that much.

Ever since the beginning fabric was the priority for the creators of Stone Island. The brands core is found in 1872’s Italy, when fabric producer Giuseppe Rivetti and his relatives started experimenting with new fabrics and the use of different sizing. Being able to develop new fabrics and colours allowed the Rivetti family to constantly stay on top of their competition with innovation and new ideas. Stone Island was one of the first brands to have reflective, colour-changing and heat reactive designs on their clothing. All on fabrics that are pretty much home-made. With pieces that have a clear military driven aesthetic there’s one design that’s been a reoccurring favourite for the Stone Island producers. Camo.

Stone Island Ice Jacket camo 1989

Above: The very first thermo-sensitive Stone Island Ice Camouflage Jacket from 1989.

Shop // Stone Island

With the SS20 collection featuring a ‘Desert Camo’ print we can see yet another iconic fabric design hit the shelves. Four out of the five last collections featured a new and innovative camo design, but there were many more prior to that and we’re going to run through them.

Stone Island Ice Jacket Camo 1990

Above: 054F05 Stone Island Ice Camouflage Field Jacket from 1990.

Shop // Stone Island

Stone Island first put camo on their ‘Ice Jackets’ for the SS‘089 and again for the SS’090 collection. The camo, which was US Woodland inspired, also appears on other pieces like the AW ‘010’011 Ice Jacket.

Stone Island Ice Camo 2010

Above: 43897 Stone Island Ice Camouflage Bomber Jacket from 2010.

Shop // Stone Island

About ten years later, for the AW ‘999’000 collection, Stone Island showed us their own take on a camo design. The ‘Raso Gommato Camo Cover Transparent’ jacket showed that Stone Island were able to innovate the camo print too. With a jacket constructed from one of the legendary Stone Island fabrics, Raso, you could already here see clear similarities to the AW ‘17’18 ‘Grid’ camo design that would release as much as 18 years later.

‘Stoney’ continued to release camouflage decorated pieces throughout their collections. For the AW’07’08 collection a ‘Hand-painted’ camouflage design was featured, followed by the return of the ‘Ice Camo’ for the AW’10’11 collection. The following 8 years the Stone Island team included some of the most iconic designs, both classic and innovative camouflages hit the stores and the online shelves.

Stone Island hand painted tortoise shell

Above: 43565 Stone Island Raso Hand Painted Tortoise Shell Camo Field Jacket from 2014.

Shop // Stone Island

For AW’14’15 we saw the release of a subtle, hand painted ‘Tortoise Shell’ camo design. Featuring shades of orange, red and black several pieces were released all built up by the ‘Rosa Gommato’ fabric.

Stone Island Water Flowing Camo Field Jacket

Above: 43564 Stone Island Water Flowing Camo Field Jacket from 2015.

Shop // Stone Island

In 2015 Stone Island went for a more classic print as they presented the ‘Flowing Water’ camouflage for the SS’15 collection. This design featured yet another ‘Woodland’ looking camo inspired by an Indonesian military camouflage design from the 1960s. The design appeared on several different pieces and in multiple colorways including a reflective jacket during the 2015 season.

Stone Island check grid camo

Above: 112E3 Stone Island Ripstop Camo Grid Overshirt from  2017.

Shop // Stone Island

In 2017, Stone Island introduced a unique digital spin on traditional camo prints with their Grid Camo. Grid Camo featured across a range of sweats, pants overshirts and outerwear with the iconic Ice Jacket also getting a dose of the futuristic looking camo print.

Stone Island Alligator Camo

Above: 454E2 Stone Island Alligator Camo Light Cotton-Nylon Rep Jacket from 2018.

Shop // Stone Island

For SS’18 Alligator camo saw ‘Stoneys’ superiority when it comes to creating new patterns and interesting colourways. The scaly pattern is more advanced than meets the eye. Having taken inspiration from Polish army archives the print was hand-painted, photographed and then printed through a series of different printing techniques and a six colour printing process in order to create the right colour and texture to the design.

Stone Island white tiger camo 2018

Above: 439E1 Stone Island White Tiger Camo 50 Fili with PrimaLoft® Insulation Jacket from 2018.

Shop // Stone Island

FW’18 featured a bold capsule decorated by a ‘White Tiger’ camouflage. The print, inspired by the Asian white tiger, was made from nylon-cotton tela and treated a similar six colour printing process used for the ‘Alligator Camo’. The monochromatic jacket featured in the capsule has been completed with a polyurethane coating that gives the piece a shimmering effect. PrimaLoft® technology was also used to keep you warm and cozy.

Stone Island x Supreme Riot Mask Jacket

Above: Stone Island x Supreme Camo Riot Mask Jacket from 2019.

Shop // Stone Island

Stone Island’s collaborations with Supreme have always been highly anticipated and appreciated. For Supreme’s SS ’19 collection we saw a collab filled with tactical-wear inspired pieces dressed in subtle camouflage in black, red, coral and light blue, while innovative fabrics deliver water and wind resistance. The collection included garments like the Riot Mask jacket, cargo pants, a tactical vest and a boonie-hat.

Stone Island Paintball Camo

Above: 711PA Stone Island Paintball Camo Cotton/Cordura Jacket from 2019.

Shop // Stone Island

As many of you already know the previous collection, AW ‘19’20 featured yet another camo capsule in the form of the ‘Paintball’ camo. As insinuated by the name the camouflage was made by shooting colour at the garments creating a ‘messy’ yet very interesting design. As every piece was separately shot at, every piece in this capsule is unique with its own pattern. Also unique for this capsule is that the Stone Island badge too is camo decorated as it was attached to the garments at the point of painting.

stone island desert camo

Above: 445E3 Stone Island 3C + PU Desert Camo Flight Jacket from 2020.

Shop // Stone Island

Which brings us to present times and the three most recent camouflages ‘Stoney’ put on the table, all for the SS ’20 collection. With one of the three capsules already on the market and the rest teased on Stone Islands website we can see that the Italian based brand is going all in for camo this season. The ‘Desert’ camo kicked off the SS’20 collections camo capsules. The capsule’s pieces are decorated by a black, red, white and pink ‘Woodland’ inspired camouflage design.

Later this season we will also see the release of two more camouflage designs. The ‘Big Loom Camo-TC’ featuring pieces decorated in lighter shades of grey and the ‘Camo Dévoré Watro’ design that comes in lighter colors of blue, green and white. So be sure to stay up to date in order to land one of Stone Island’s iconic camo designs.

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