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5 Russian Streetwear Brands That Should Be On Your Radar


We take a look at 5 up and coming Russian streetwear brands every streetwear fan or collector should know about.

Drawing inspiration from the ever-changing landscape of the Russian capital and the post Soviet Union era, street culture in Moscow and other major cities in the Eastern country is absolutely thriving. The Russian streetwear scene does not stand still and while the majority of people still only know about the designer that really put Russia on the streetwear map, Gosha Rubchinskiy, there are now up and coming streetwear brands popping up everywhere from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg. Check out our compilation of Russian streetwear brands for expanding your knowledge of the Eastern streetwear scene.

Russian Streetwear Brands Bat Norten

Above: 5 Russian Streetwear Brands #1 Bat Norton



Bat Norton is a Saint-Petersburg based streetwear label produced by Dmitriy Muzyka and Valeriy Dubrov. In 2009, the duo decided to volunteer in France for the restoration of a church. This trip affected the brand’s future name because they met a Batiste Norton there. This guy truly influenced the designers with his attitude to life and fighting spirit, so they set up the name and the brand began the production of clothing lines for ghetto-gothic and cyber punks looks. The latest Bat Norten SS19 drop is inspired by the aesthetic of high technologies, where most of the items have reflective details or on trend neon colors.

Russian Streetwear Brands Outlaw Moscow

Above: 5 Russian Streetwear Brands #2 Outlaw Moscow



Headed up by Di Minrakhmanova and Maxim Bashkaev, the Outlaw Moscow brand grew internationally pretty rapidly. The main idea behind their project is an expression of youth, which is free, open to world, and fight isolation by standing out from the crowd through their clothes. Despite the fact that the duo’s style changes all the time, every their new drop delivers a certain message to every person.

Outlaw Moscow’s biggest collaboration was with PUMA back in 2018. The collection which included bomber jackets, tracksuits, accessories and a double-sided kimono. The main stand out piece of the release was Trailfox Graphic sneakers which sold out pretty quickly.

Russian Streetwear Brands Turbo Yulia

Above: 5 Russian Streetwear Brands #3 Turbo Yulia



Turbo Yulia is a Moscow based brand, which is inspired by digital reality and futuristic dystopia. The founder of the brand, Yulia Makarova, attained a technology and design degree, and after two years she represented her first collection at Aurora Fashion Week 2013. In both 2016 and 2018, the designer represented new collections at MBFW. Makarova prefers to have a stand out effect in her collections, and it can be seen from her clothing lines. There are a lot of items made up from shimmering materials, sheer fabrics, 3D effects or reflective details and so on. Her latest Spring 2018 collection was full of workwear pieces such as a windbreakers, uniform overalls, and oilskin jackets.

Russian Streetwear Brands Sputnik 1985

Above: 5 Russian Streetwear Brands #4 Sputnik 1985



The man from Belarus, Sergei Pahotin, was determined to change his life completely and moved to another country. Although the future owner of Спутник 1985 started producing T-shirts at his friends’ house, nowadays he has his own workshop. Why did he choose this brand’s name? The answer is easy: the designer was born in 1985, and Спутник (Sputnik) after the worlds first artificial Earth satellite. The creator of the brand supposes that the major advantage of his clothes is their practicality.

Previous collections consisted of comfy t-shirts, shirts with lengthened sleeves, shorts, hoodies. The majority of the t-shirts and hoodies features printed sayings such as “Going to youth”, “I’m worse than you”, etc. The colorways of materials is quite simple – red, blue, black, white, and khaki are the only colours which are used for collections.

Russian Streetwear Brands Fusion

Above: 5 Russian Streetwear Brands #5 Fusion



Another Rusian streetwear brand, FUSION, is a team of creative guys from Russia and Ukraine. The clothing label was created in 2012 when one of the designers made a choice to start creating clothes. However, it has changed after four years and now there are three people behind the brand. Each of them has their own responsibilities and takes care only of them, so their work is always done well and on time.

The brand has several clothing lines already. According to the squad, every new collection is their statement about a certain historical moment where they make an interpretation of the mood and motives of that time. For example, their first represented collection was devoted to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

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