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Is There Really Such Thing As The Perfect Resume In The Streetwear Industry?


There’s literally hundreds of guides out there about how to write the perfect resume but is there really a right or wrong way in the streetwear industry?

You’ve either had enough of your current role or you are just simply looking to get a footing on the next step of your career ladder in the streetwear industry. Looking through your OneDrive desperately trying to find an old resume you can use for job applications, you realise it was last updated in 2008! Or worst still, you might not have popped your first job application cherry yet. The idea of writing up a completely new resume is daunting to many of us, especially with the amount of guides out there, the job market competition and all the stress and anxiety that comes along with the recruitment process. Rest assured Streetwear Jobs‘ hunters, as when it comes to writing your resume you really have to follow some simple steps. When all said and done, it’s about 5 key things.

Resume Guide James Jebbia Supreme


Ok so you have worked in buying roles for one of the worlds largest retailers but fancy a change and decide to apply for a role in marketing. Computer says no. We see this a lot, but from an employer perspective why are they going to hire someone that has no experience in the job posted? They aren’t unless you have some experience in the role. Keep your skills targeted to the role you are applying for otherwise you are simply wasting your time. You also don’t need to list every job you have done since 1998. List the most recent and relevant roles from the last 10 years, your experience from each role and what you can bring to the new role. Tailoring the skills from each previous role that are relevant to the new role you are applying for is also vital. So if it means re-writing the resume for each different application, do it.

Resume Kanye West

Contact Info

This sounds like a no brainer but some people do actually forget to put their contact info on their resume. You don’t need to include your entire home address or the co-ordinates of your back garden shed on there but things like mobile number, LinkedIn profile and email address are a good way to start.

Resume Virgil Abloh

Career Progression

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? You don’t necessarily have to mention this but if you are planning on climbing the ladder at the company/brand etc you are applying for, it’s definitely worth mentioning you are looking to progress. Many entry level roles within the streetwear and sneaker industry lead to more specialist roles.

Luke Taylor Streetwear Jobs


A good bio about yourself will really make you stand out. Don’t go overboard on the ego stuff though. Keep it simple and sell yourself. Sometimes we forget that recruitment is about sales, you are selling your skills to an employer for a price. It doesn’t need to be overly corporate either, especially not in the streetwear industry. If you are applying for example for a sneaker retail role and you collect Yeezy’s, don’t be afraid to mention it. If you are passionate about something don’t ever be scared to say so. The worst thing you can do is come across robotic. The key here is why would they employ you?

Resume guide Why not now


There are some really cool resume design templates out there, great if you are looking to become a graphic designer for Nike but not really necessary for other roles. A good resume is more about the information on it, although a cool looking design never hurt. The key here is simplicity. Don’t go overboard,

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