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Our Top 5 Supreme Influencers


Streetwear influencers have become big news over the last few years, we take a look at some of our favourite Supreme influencers out there.

When it really comes down it, do Supreme New York really have to pay for marketing? Obviously they still probably spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, but is it really necessary? Supreme is arguably one of the most ‘shouted about’ streetwear brands on social media from 14 year old Hypebeast teenagers with more money than sense to Generation Y adults who grew up with the brand. In the streetwear influencer world Supreme has also become an influencer subculture in itself with Instagram users posting as much Supreme as they can physically get into one shot from sledges to step ladders to super soakers. With more people than ever before now wanting to take up a new career path of ‘public figures’ and influencers, we wanted to share some of out favourites with our top 5 Supreme influencers on the planet.

Supreme Instagram influencers

Becoming a Supreme influencer isn’t that simple however. Our handy guide to becoming a streetwear influencer will really help you out, but the problem with Supreme is not only the cost but the fact some of it is still like gold dust to get. If you want to cop the latest Supreme you need to have a ticket for release day, or be willing to stand in a queue for hours on end to get your hands on the latest drops. Some of the new breed of Supreme influencers are very entrepreneurial in the way they source their Supreme apparel and accessories. Yes some of them simply have rich parents who buy them whatever they want but where’s the fun in that? Streetwear resale is so big nowadays that it’s not that difficult to save up a bit money, cop the latest Supreme drop, sell the drop for a profit on top of the original RRP on the likes of StockX or Klekt, and then have the funds ready for the next drop. It’s pretty clever when you think about it and it’s this new breed of streetwear influencer that has also helped the growth of the streetwear resale market over the last 5 years.

Supreme accessories collection

With more and more people becoming obsessed with Supreme and the sheer volumes of accessories available from water pistols to pool cues to Coleman mini bikes, it’s hard to keep up. A die hard Supreme collector sold his impressive collection of Supreme accessories via Sothebys recently, an example of the changing times of streetwear collectables teaming up with traditional auction houses. So if your dream is to be one of the next Supreme influencers to watch out for, then take note, be prepared to spend every penny you have and watch the likes, comments and emojis roll in!

Supreme Streetwear Influencers @aripetrou

Above: Top 5 Supreme Influencers @aripetrou

@aripetrou // “UK’s Biggest Hypebeast”

Supreme Streetwear Influencers @louislrge

Above: Top 5 Supreme Influencers @louislrge

@louislrge // DucLouis

Supreme Streetwear Influencers @gullyguyleo

Above: Top 5 Supreme Influencers @gullyguyleo

@gullyguyleo // Leo Mandella

Supreme Streetwear Influencers @ericwhiteback

Above: Top 5 Supreme Influencers @ericwhiteback

@ericwhiteback // “Making Hypebeasts Cool Again”

Supreme Streetwear Influencers @ifayfu

Above: Top 5 Supreme Influencers @ifayfu

@ifayfu // Feifei


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