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How Will Nike’s New International Shipping Policy Affect The Sneaker & Streetwear Market?


Nike have now introduced a new international shipping policy in a bid stop retailers shipping products out of their own countries.

Over the last few years Nike have been focusing on their own e-commerce platforms, flagship stores and key retailers to stock their sought after swoosh brand. The brand recently revealed they would be dropping a large amount of independent retailers on a points based system to tighten up their global distribution. As well as cutting back on independent stockists, Nike have also revealed this week that they would be introducing a new international shipping policy which would stop ‘select’ retailers shipping Nike products to other countries.

In a statement Nike said, “Retail partners are a key part of Nike’s Consumer Direct Offense. Similar to other premium brands, we have Terms & Conditions of Sale in place with individual retail partners to better serve consumers in each territory with the right assortment, based on local demand.”

Nike International Shipping Policy Retailers

Above: The Nike Air Max 97 x Skepta trainer from 2017.

Keeping distribution tight and not over-saturating the streetwear and sneaker market is the key to many brands’ global success. Take Supreme New York for example who don’t even have any stockists but just their own e-commerce platform and flagship stores. Limited quantity drops and quick sell outs only fuels the hype on the resale market even more. With such a massive demand for Nike sneakers and apparel all over the world, the policy will surely help regional retailers and their local sneaker markets. If some Nike products are not available in certain countries and have already established themselves as a hype drop, this will only fuel the ever growing sneaker resale market even more.

All in all, it’s probably a good move by the American sportswear brand, retailers can focus solely on their regions and re-sellers can cash in on the demand for Nike products from overseas on their own resale platforms.

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