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Some Of The Most Expensive Streetwear Items

Luke Brown

We take a look back over the last few years at some of the most expensive streetwear items and drops from retail to resale.

Streetwear, as many of us know, can get very pricey and sometimes crosses the line between what is realistic and what isn’t. Resale platforms like StockX have not only allowed the streetwear and sneaker resale market to flourish, but have also created a marketplace in itself whereby hyped releases can end up going for 10 times their original retail. With the rise of streetwear culture, demand and hype drops like never before we take a look at some of the most expensive streetwear items from the last few years.

Most Expensive Streetwear Supreme x Louis Vuitton

Above: The Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collection.



A beautiful marriage of streetwear and high fashion, any given pieces from this highly prestigious collaboration will cost you (a lot!). The most expensive item from this collab is the Malle Courier 90 Trunk, valued at over $104,000. When searching “highest bids” on StockX, I found that much of the highest valued streetwear was Supreme x Louis Vuitton. For example, one of the items on the top was a Supreme x Louis Vuitton Red Leather Baseball Jacket on which the lowest ask was £12,205. According to Hypebeast, a Supreme x Louis Vuitton Box logo hoodie is said to have resell prices of up to $25,000.

Most Expensive Streetwear Gucci Belt

Above: The Gucci Diamond Belt.



Gucci was definitely gonna make this list. It’s become a staple in pop culture, streetwear, and even urban slang (“it’s all gucci”). Most of us have seen and pined to own a Gucci belt. But which is one of the most expensive streetwear items? The most expensive Gucci belt of all time, this platinum and diamond studded masterpiece is worth over $250,000.

OFF White Waterfall Knit

Above: The OFF-WHITE Waterfall Knit Sky.



Virgil Abloh’s “Off-White” is known for it’s high prices and minimalistic designs, a staple in hype culture. But this particular piece caught my attention recently because I noticed it seemed to have a lot of influence on recent trends. A beautiful knitwear piece sparking new trends for this fall season, this unique sweater is going for around $2,000.

Vetemants May The Bridges I Burn

Above: The Vetements “Bridges Burn” Hoody



Would you spend a whole rack on a hoodie? This iconic masterpiece, reportedly the inspiration behind Kanye’s “Pablo” merch, is worth $1,050. Apparently it’s a quote from 90s soap opera “Beverly Hills 90210”.

Palm Angels Hunting Bomber Jacket

Above: The Palm Angels Hunting Bomber Jacket



Palm Angels is worn and frequently referenced by rappers who like to flex hard, such as Playboi Carti and Gunna. After looking around for some of the most expensive items from this prestigious brand, one of the most expensive (and coolest) products I found for sale was this black bomber, priced at $2,055.

BAPE Graduation Camo Shark Jacket

Above: The BAPE Graduation Camo Shark Jacket



BAPE has been a Hypebeast’s household name for years. Many of the vintage pieces are worth a lot more but I wanted to stick with something currently for sale on their site for this list. This Graduation Camo jacket is worth $875.

Balenciaga Eiffel Tower Pyjama Set

Above: The Balenciaga Eiffel Tower Pyjama Set



How much would you pay for some cozy Pajamas? Even Hypebeasts need a good night’s rest. This set, including slippers, pants, and dressing gown, totals up to $4,585 for the complete fit that will let you flex even while you dream.

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