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How I Got Here: Morgan Weekes


We caught up with the sneaker photographer, speaker & consultant, Morgan Weekes, for our latest How I Got Here feature.

This week we caught up with Morgan Weekes, a name which if you already closely follow the sneaker & streetwear scene you are probably familiar with. Morgan now works for Sneaker Freaker as well as running Morprime, working for a range of top sneaker & streetwear brands from shooting the latest sneaker drops to guest speaking at sneaker events.

How did you get into sneaker industry and what were you doing before?

I think a great starting point for working in footwear is retail it gives you a great time with the customer, enthusiast and product and this holds true with myself. I spent a good 2-3 years working and managing retail and I really feel it’s a key part as it breakdowns the perceived magic around sneakers and tempers the love.

During my stint at retail I was also assisting footwear events helping out wherever I could and this eventually lead to a full-time role as a creative director coming up with new strategy’s whilst building strong and lasting relationships with communities and brands.

Tell us more about your current role at Sneaker Freaker and what it involves?

Currently my role at SF entails a combination of work that never leaves me unchallenged with something new each week, one day I could be travelling into London for brand meetings, checking out new product and doing the store rounds. The next day I could be on a shoot for the magazine respectfully delving into a collectors hallowed collection or taking a space at an event and retailing the latest copy of the magazine.

It’s a wonderfully varied role but when working for something you love it is hard to find where the work begins and the hobby ends so I try to limit anything footwear related on the evenings and weekends but as you can imagine this isn’t easy!

What’s been going down so far for yourself in 2020?

Well I did have a few trips planned including the US and Australia with work but with everything going on all travel has been stopped, so I’m looking forward to normality returning and to work on some cool projects later this year.

If I could end the year with a new skill or milestone achieved I’d be very happy.

Morgan Weekes

Above: Morgan Weekes taking some downtime at a recent Sneakerness event.

What’s your own personal take on the current sneaker scene as oppose to say 5-10 years ago?

I miss the camp outs and the camaraderie around them which is odd because at the time I couldn’t stand spending more than a few hours on the street. Working for a media outlet it’s our job to report and share relevant news so your mind is really opened to the huge amount of releases that we’ve all become accustomed as the new normality and I feel it’s this relentless launch schedule that causes product to lack story and meaning so I spend my money on trying to acquire that feeling from shoes of the past.

What’s your go to trainer at the moment?

Uni-qlo slippers and adidas slides currently for WFM life but I’ve been wearing a lot of Puma, Hoka and ON Running lately which makes a change from the usual Adidas/Nike.

What advice would you give to someone looking to break into the sneaker/streetwear industry?

Do the retail and do the research, there are many roles and opportunities within the scene now so it’s important to really think about what angle you’d liked to come at it?

Do you want to customise? Do you want to resell? Do you want to go brand side? Ok so what area would you like to work in brand side? Probably marketing or design? Then make sure you have relevant studies and skills in those areas.

Use social media to connect with like-minded individuals and ask questions but remember nobody likes a leech so come with a genuine passion and interest and most importantly be polite.

What do you do when you are not working on sneaker related things?

I have a few personal projects I’m always trying to improve at from painting to photography but I find gym and spending time around my bikes are great safe spaces for my mental health so I can’t wait for lockdown to be over so I can get back to working on all of the above.

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