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How I Got Here: Lorenzo Osti C.P. Company


We caught up with the president of the legendary C.P. Company and son of the late Massimo Osti, Lorenzo Osti.

Lorenzo Osti was recently made the president of C.P. Company after previously working as their marketing director. Flying the flag for the highly respected Osti name, Lorenzo also looks after the Massimo Osti Archive which came to London a few years back. Last year saw Lorenzo head up the collaboration with the Amsterdam streetwear pioneers, Patta, whilst overseeing the innovative fabric innovations and garment tech the legendary Italian sportswear label introduce each season.

Give us more info about your current role at C.P. Company and what your daily routine looks like?

After 3 year as Marketing Director, I’ve was asked to become president and GM of C.P. Company at the beginning of 2019. I’m very proud of this offer. I don’t have previous experience in this industry, but I have run my own marketing and communication agency for 20 years, managing up to 35 people.

I don’t really have a routine as such. My time is spent between the HQ in Switzerland and travelling throughout Italy and Europe mainly. My office is my backpack and I really enjoy working from anywhere.

We loved the collaboration with Patta last year, can we expect anything similar for 2020?

Yes! We really enjoyed to work with the Patta team and we are planning to collaborate with the team again soon – but I cannot disclose anything!

What fabric concepts/research have you enjoyed working on recently and can you share any future release info?

As you probably know, our R&D department releases several new custom fabrics every season. For FW020 season, we enjoyed working with Goretex and Dyneema, but also developed our own custom fabrics such as the KAN-D, a dyed achronic flat profile nylon with visible structural accents that creates a crystal transparent effect on jackets.

Is there any more news/info on another Massimo Osti Archive coming to the UK?

Not at the moment. But 2021 will be the C.P. Company 50th anniversary and we are planning an itinerant celebration that will stop also in UK.

It will be 15 years this year since Massimo sadly passed away, how do you keep his legacy within each C.P. Company collection or story?

Massimo’s legacy is kept alive mainly through the Massimo Osti Archive and the “Ideas from Massimo Osti” book. Of course, Massimo’s legacy is deeply rooted also in C.P. Company: the working process, the way we work on fabrics and design, it all comes from there. But we don’t want to be nostalgic, so we still use the same approach to the work, but our actual designers are very talented and are projected into the future. That’s why we are used to say that C.P. Company DNA is to be found in the balance between heritage and innovation.

“The C.P. Company approach to work is focused on R&D and on product, rather than looking to what other brands are doing. As my father used to say, if you look to what the others are doing, you will never do anything new.”

Lorenzo Osti C.P. Company

Above: Lorenzo Osti – son of Massimo Osti and now president of C.P. Company.

What other sportswear or streetwear brands do you rate at the moment?

There are many talented designers and good brands around, but we are not used to referencing other brands. The C.P. Company approach to work is focused on R&D and on product, rather than looking to what other brands are doing. As my father used to say, if you look to what the others are doing, you will never do anything new.

In more recent years C.P. Company has taken more of a streetwear approach to their collections, where do you see this going over the next 5 years?

Yes we did, and this allowed us to be noticed and appreciated by a younger customer. We will proceed in this direction but from FW020 we introduced the new Metropolis range, that will fulfil the requirements of a more mature audience.

What’s your take on the current streetwear industry from a retail and resale perspective?

I think we are living in an interesting time from this perspective. I think resale is in a bit of a bubble, but it had the merit to bring a lot of attention on the brands and product thanks to the scarcity strategy. I think this is an important take. Resale, in my opinion, is strongly affected by the shifting of the distribution (online, omnichannel, etc.) but still in a very early stage of its transformation. I think we all need to experiment and learn a lot before a new distribution paradigm will become mainstream.

Give us some of your top 3 C.P. Company styles from the latest SS2020 collection?

My top 3 styles as follows;

Above: The C.P. Company M.T.t.N I.C.E. Goggle Jacket.



Multi Tension trilobate Nylon was a staple of early 1980s sportswear as pioneered by C.P. Company.

C.P, Company NYBER

Above: The C.P. Company Nyber Jacket (both Goggle and Explorer).



Nyber is a Nylon based Rubber like coating, dyeable with a water resistant membrane.

Above: The C.P. Company Fili Utility Vest.



Our Carrywear offerings are increasing every season. I particularly like the vests, the perfect balance between form and function.

What do you do when you are not working on C.P. Company?

Probably thinking about C.P. Company!

But beside that, I enjoy time with my 4 year old son and try to get as much as vacation as possible.

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