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Introducing Fresh Hoods


Fresh Hoods are an exclusive streetwear hoody brand with unique designs drawing inspiration from graffiti, street culture, skateboarding & art.

Treating the staple streetwear hoody silhouette as a raw canvas, Fresh Hoods was started by a group of creatives who had a passion for graffiti, street art, hip hop & street culture. Utilising the timeless hooded sweatshirt as the basis of each design, Fresh Hoods offer up some truly unique styles utilising a range of different artists, colours and styles. The youthful & vibrant street aesthetic offers something for every mood and occasion whilst also doing their bit for the environment.

The latest collection from brand for Summer 2020 includes classic 90s skate inspiration with a collection of flames designs, a range of psychedelic prints from mushroomscopes to kaleidoscopes. They’ve also introduced their very own LGBT Rainbow Hoodie in an all over rainbow print as part of their exclusive Pride Collection for the latest season. It’s not just limited to hoodies either, you can also shop a range of bombers, baseball tops & headwear. Be sure to follow the Fresh Hoods crew on instagram @freshhoods_official for all the latest updates.

Fresh Hoods Streetwear

Fresh Hoods Streetwear


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