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How To Get A Job In Streetwear


“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, and finding your ideal job in the streetwear industry can be very much the same.

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Trawling through endless recruitment platforms looking for the perfect job that might be of interest to your personal hobbies or tastes. But the question I’m sure many of you are here to find out is how to get a job in streetwear and the streetwear industry. Social media can be very misleading full of gloating wannabe designers and part time creatives, generally propped up by a steady away 9-5 job. The truth is finding your dream role in the streetwear industry can be extremely difficult, daunting and sometimes near impossible. Its all about finding the right openings, connecting with the right people and making small moves every day that will hopefully build up to something bigger.

Here’s our 5 top tips of how to get a job in streetwear, you can also add your resume to Streetwear Jobs to help you find your ideal role in the industry.

How To Get A Job In streetwear

Connect with people

The saying “It’s not what you know it’s who you know” couldn’t be more apparent in the streetwear industry. Virgil Abloh didn’t just think one day I’m going to be a designer and landed a concession stand in Selfridges did he? It took years of making the right connections with the right people. Get yourself out there whether that’s launch parties, events or trade shows. Meeting someone face to face and making the right impression will always go far. Don’t be afraid to follow up emails, yes we all live ‘hectic’ lifestyles but sometimes a little nudge never hurt anyone.


How To Get A Job In streetwear

Be prepared to start at the very bottom

Lets say you want to someday be the head of marketing for adidas but only have a marketing degree with very little experience. Well you’re going to need to build up that experience and this is generally done through internships or entry level marketing roles. Yes some employers may only take you on as an intern but if its the right company it will be worth it in the long run just to see how the business runs and the staff click to get large campaigns off the ground from start to finish. Just remember not everything is long term if you are making the right moves.


How To Get A Job In streetwear

Go the extra mile

Even if you do start within an entry level role go that extra mile for your employer, make them know you do want to climb the ladder and always put yourself forward for other projects. However this is also two sided process, if you get the feeling that your employer is just getting every last ounce out of you with no scope for personal development or career path it might be worth looking for another role within the streetwear industry all together. That said, if the company does appreciate your extra work it will not go unnoticed.


How To Get A Job In streetwear

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Good business is built on hardwork, commitment and dedication. If you show all these attributes someone who has already come from the bottom and worked their way up will see these skills in you. Just don’t forget not to take life too seriously and to enjoy each step of the journey. Each day will count towards your pursuit of your dream role but don’t get too caught up in the work as life really is too short. Take time when out of work to enjoy hobbies, exercise, socialise and become the best person you can be, mentally and physically.


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Be prepared to travel

Its the same old moan that you hear all time, “there’s no jobs around here anymore”…well look elsewhere then. Your life doesn’t have to stay in a 5 mile radius of where you were born. Get yourself out into the world, experience new cultures and meet new people. The majority of jobs in the streetwear industry are based in the major cities so if you’re a small town dweller it might be time to set your goals a bit further a field.


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