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The Complete History Of Fear Of God & Jerry Lorenzo

Nathan Spiteri

Fear Of God is arguably one of the biggest trailblazers in the streetwear industry to date, but how did Jerry Lorenzo get the inspiration to break into such a saturated industry?

Where did his inspiration come from? We’ll be taking a look at the history of Fear of God and the background of the designer mastermind, where his inspiration came from and a timeline of his extraordinary career.

Growing up in Sacramento California, and then moving to Chicago to follow his father’s sports career, Jerry’s childhood was heavily influenced by both his faith in Christianity and Baseball. Attending mostly white high schools, Jerry’s childhood was exposed to the 90s grunge scene, sparking his interest in vintage wear, but in juxtaposition, he attended soul churches which introduced him to the hip-hop scene. These two scenes were the pinnacle of inspiration for Fear Of God as you can tell by his collections over the last few years.

Fear Of God x Nike 2019

Above: The history of Fear Of God with the Nike collaboration from 2019.



After graduating from high school, Jerry went on to study business at Loyola Marymont while working at various retail stores such as GAP and Diesel, just like many other students. Although fixated on a career in sports inspired by the efforts of his successful father, it was quite clear that Jerry had always had an interest and connection with the fashion industry.

Through the networks from his father, Jerry Manuel, a professional baseball player turned coach for the Chicago White Sox and New York Mets, Lorenzo was able to land a job in sports sponsorships, based in Chicago, before moving onto a Head of Player Marketing role for CSMG, a local sports agency where he followed his career as a sports agent and was introduced to celebrities and sports stars.

Heading back to LA in 2008, Jerry Lorenzo found himself taking a pivotal shift in careers when he followed his passions for the hip-hop scene and started throwing parties for people who were like him and his circle, where he could listen to the music he wanted and be surrounded by people who were connected and well dressed. This was a side hustle that eventually turned into his full-time job, hosting parties under the name of JL Nights with his partner Javier Laval almost every night of the week attracting the likes of Kid Cudi and Chris Brown which ultimately gave him the connections he needed to start managing Matt Kemp, a Dodger All-Star. Lorenzo came to be a stylist as well as a sport’s agent for the Dodger All-Star, thus sending him on a trajectory towards what would soon be known as Fear Of God. In the early 2010’s, Jerry found himself settling down with his girlfriend (now wife), Desiree Manuel, and focusing less on JL Nights to put more effort into styling his clients with unique streetwear.

fear of God sixth collection 2018

Above: The history of Fear Of God with Jerry Lorenzo’s Sixth collection from 2018.



Jerry Lorenzo was determined to style his clients in a unique fashion, pioneering the times of the longline tees, oversized hoodies, flannels and boots as well as his unique choices of earthy tones & materials. He noticed a gap in this market and began designing one-off pieces for Matt Kemp which were quickly noticed by other players as well as artists in the music industry such as Justin Bieber. Jerry begun appearing in cameos for video clips of Tyga and Keri Hilson after helping them on set, further establishing himself in the hip-hop scene.

One of the first iconic pieces that was unique to Jerry was the short sleeve hoodie with zips on the side, using leather and cotton materials, creating the genre of luxury or ‘high-end’ streetwear. Learning from factories and garment technicians along the way, Jerry continued to grow as a stylist and fashion expert, using the money from JL Nights to fund his future venture – Fear Of God. After the first year, Jerry found himself with enough pieces to curate his first collection.

Fear Of God Essentials

Above: The history of Fear Of God with the Essentials collection which was introduced in 2019.



The title Fear Of God was inspired by a novel that was a family favourite growing up in California and is a representation of Jerry’s faith and his way to express his mission to modernise Christianity (or religion) as colourless. The brand was founded on the vision to deliver extraordinarily high-quality garments that could be utilized in any male wardrobe, with graphics inspired by his childhood and how he grew up.

One of the first big opportunities that Fear Of God had to present itself officially to the world of fashion was when Jerry’s soon-to-be wife introduced Jerry to Big Sean’s stylist with the intent to introduce his pieces to Big Sean. Big Sean then went on to sport the collection in interviews and performances, putting Fear Of God on the scene. This catalyst in Jerry’s career enabled Kanye West to discover Fear Of God, which after witnessing the whole collection, resulted in Kanye hiring Jerry on his design team for his Kayne West x APC collection, and more significantly, working on the Yeezy Tour merch as well as the earlier collections of the Yeezy brand.

Nike Fear Of God Triple Black

Above: The history of Fear Of God with the Nike Air Fear Of God 1 Triple Black trainer which was released in April 2020.



By 2012, word had gone around that Fear Of God was the LA label to watch out for, even before pieces were available to the public. By Spring 2013, Fear Of God’s first collection would surface featuring the pieces that were seen on Big Sean and Kanye as well as some additional designs thus giving life to what is now one of the most sought-after high streetwear labels in the business.

By 2015, Jerry had continued to dominate the fashion scene, demonstrating his capability to come up with forward fashion clean streetwear that was sold out collection after collection. His unique vision was held true and the consistency in his brand never lacked, allowing him to do some massive collaborations such as his Fear Of God x Nike release. Since inception, Jerry has also established his ‘Essentials’ line which contains highly sought after, high quality and simple pieces that are recognised worldwide as wardrobe hype staples.

Jerry continues to stay independent and design his own merchandise and will no doubt continue to bring some authentic and unique styles our way in the future.


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