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Crep Protect x Springfield


Crep Protect have teamed up with Springfield Group to help put shoes on the feet of 10,000 children.

Here at Streetwear Jobs we strongly support race and gender equality in the workplace, we also support great causes like this. Crep Protect have now teamed up with Springfield to give 10,000 of their trusty Crep Wipes to children in Ghana, Africa. Supporting children who have to walk many miles a day just to get to school, durable footwear across the harsh terrain is often overlooked for food and other necessities.

Crep Protect x Springfield

Above: Children in Ghana are shown the Crep Protect wipes to help keep their shoes clean.

Set up in 2006 by Kevin Okyere, Springfield’s mission is to give these children the relevant footwear they need and to distribute 10,000 shoes to the school students that need them. Now teaming up with Springfield, Crep Protect will be donating a pair of their trusty trainer wipes for every pair of shoes donated so the children can keep their shoes clean.

Crep Protect x Springfield

Above: The shoes donated by Springfield to the children.

Some us of may take getting the latest hype sneakers for granted, but for others they cannot even afford the right footwear to walk to school in.

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