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How A London Street Gym Is Helping Young People To Grow


The Brixton Street Gym isn’t just about getting fit physically it’s also boosting young people’s confidence with skills, mentoring and CV writing.

The majority of time the news is full of negative, scaremongering stories that make you just want to turn it off. However, do not be fooled as there are so many amazing people out there who are making a difference for the people that need it. A Brixton born fitness fanatic called Terroll Lewis has turned his ‘gang life’ past into a positive with the recently opened Brixton Street Gym. Terroll had previously posted numerous workout videos on YouTube focusing on outdoor calisthenics training (body-weighted exercises) which became a huge success. His new street gym doesn’t just focus on fitness and training however it is also a centre helping young people to grow, showing them another way of life that doesn’t involve crime.

Bixton street gym

Above: Brixton Street Gym founder, Terroll Lewis.

Speaking exclusively to Streetwear Jobs about helping young people with CV writing and job interview skills Terroll said, “We are boosting young people’s confidence, self esteem and giving them the direction & opportunity to become a better them. We also carry out 1-to-1 mentoring with the young people giving them extra advice, help and direction. Some are more involved with the streets than others.” Terroll is focused on growing the Brixton Street Gym with more community based and creative events further adding; “We will also be starting creative nights very soon where all creatives in the street gym can get together and express their self through poetry, spoken word, rap, music and more.”

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