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5 European Streetwear Brands You Should Know About


For this latest feature we have hand selected 5 European streetwear brands that all Streetwear Jobs’ readers should know about for 2018.

Lets face it, every man and his dog claims to have their own streetwear brand these days. In an overly saturated online market of logo hoodies, sweatshirts and tees, it’s sometimes hard to weed out the brands that are going places to the ones that release one t-shirt design and yet have 50k of supposedly ‘real’ Instagram followers. The truth is there’s a lot of rubbish out there from people who aren’t natural born designers and are just simply jumping on the bandwagon. In light of this growing independent streetwear brand epidemic we thought we would throw a spotlight on 5 European streetwear brands that are worth taking note of in 2018.

European Streetwear Brands Grind London

Grind London // grindlondon.com

Grind London clothing features Harrington jackets and overhead zip ups, tracksuits and graphic tees – each set item of clothing fulfilling streetwear aesthetics in their own unique way. The brands jackets carry a tactical look to them, featuring lighter weight fabrics and outward facing pockets, perfect for utility-wear lovers. This seasons tracksuits appear to come in velour, perfect for the coming weather this A/W, making them ideal for cosy-core appreciators. The graphic tees that Grind London produce are where you can really get a feel for the creativity behind the brand. Some of the tees feature interesting imagery and pop culture references, used in order to project and represent lifestyles both in London and all over the UK.

Grind London is available in Germany, Norway, Latvia, Russia, Malaysia, China, Japan and the USA.


Streetwear Brands Aries Aries

Aries // ariesarise.com

Starting out, simply as a concept in 2010, Aries is a streetwear brand that will definitely be one to watch. The Aries brand has its values based on and around rebuilding upon the lost or broken, this is also mixed in with classicism and 1980s Italy, as you’ll see from the Versace references dotted around each of the collections. You’ll see that the collections carry quite a bold look to them; they’re quite heavy in bold colours, prints and patterns, which does allow them to fit in quite well with the current wave of streetwear aesthetics.

Also, a unisex collection, Aries is sure to have something for everyone. Aries products are stocked internationally. Collections can be found in the UK, the USA, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Belgium and Hong Kong.


Streetwear Brands OBS Germany

Obs // shop.obs-webspace.de

German streetwear brand OBS, minimal in its aesthetic and style is the perfect brand for any appreciator of minimalist streetwear. While the brand is very strongly based around accessories and utility pieces, OBS does also stock clothes. For the new season OBS, has a range of sweaters and they are made 100% from heavyweight cotton material, sure to keep you warm in the coming months. The brands take on utility also strays from typical utility aesthetics in as far as their choice of materials and use of colour.

OBS is currently only available for purchase online.


Streetwear Brands Trapstar London

Trapstar // uk.trapstarlondon.com

London brand Trapstar has been on the rise and looks like it has no plans of slowing down any time soon. Strongly based around tracksuits, sweaters and t-shirts, Trapstar is the perfect place to begin, when trying to build a streetwear wardrobe. Trapstar clothing is very wearable and more than anything else ensures maximum comfort in day-to-day activity. The range of colours, and prints used on Trapstar products also does give the brand its own unique street aesthetic.

Trapstar London is currently available online and in its London Flagship on Portobello Road.


Streetwear Brands Clara Martin

Clara Martin // claramartin.co.uk

Self-titled brand Clara Martin’s collections originate from London and are stocked in concept stores worldwide. Collections are heavily based on nostalgia and youth culture, as apparent from the slogan printed pieces. There is also focus on experimentation with fabric, colour and shape. Clara Martin collections have a very ‘fun’ streetwear aesthetic and so will definitely brighten up your wardrobe.

Clara Martin collections are stocked in London, the USA and in Japan.


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